Hard work is the difference.

While we’re new to this part of the world we are not new to this business. UCS Global has been in business for over 40 years. We are based in the UK and have recently reentered the U.S. as UCS Global Americas. The U in UCS stands for Unique and we work hard to live up to that word.

Our mission remains the same; provide custom solutions for clients looking for great food, great service and completely transparent financial management. In the US we are uniquely positioned as a provider of high quality, cost effective programs servicing education, corporate, healthcare, and government clients across the US and Canada. We will partner with best in class providers to offer a completely unique customized program for our clients.

We are privately owned, debt free, and profitable. We have talented operators and culinary experts around the world who are available to assist in openings, employee training and program compliance. We are completely focused on providing your employees and guests a unique experience and will do whatever we need to do to exceed your expectations.

Our low overhead and corporate structure means we will always be cost effective while also delivering innovative programs and delicious food. And we are 100% committed to 100% transparency. No hidden charges or undisclosed markups. Our books are always open!

As a woman and minority owned company we respect diversity in the workplace.