Hard work has no off days.

We strongly believe that a successful dining experience creates the perfect opportunity for employee engagement. Offering well-balanced meals can increase participation, attract and retain top talent and foster a unique company culture.

Our programs are based on the premise that employee engagement is nurtured through the enjoyment of well-balanced, nutritional meals in a special café setting. Fresh food made with the best ingredients is what we’re all about. In order to provide the highest quality food, it is critical that we start with only the best, most responsible providers. This means local, sustainable and trusted partners that are fully invested in our vision.

To directly support your strategic vision and build upon our client’s impressive reputations, UCS Global will provide a world-class food service program while controlling costs and offering real value, resulting in improved employee loyalty, productivity and retention.

Finally, as a privately owned company we will be nimble and flexible and not subject to corporate requirements driven from headquarter locations thousands of miles away. Our low overhead will ensure we can provide great programs at very reasonable pricing.